America’s infrastructure crumbling, says American Society of Civil Engineers They say the integrity of a nation’s infrastructure is a primary reflection of its overall moral, social, financial, and political health. If that is true, then the United States is in some very serious trouble, as the American Culture of Civil Engineers , America’s oldest nationwide engineering society, has provided a near-failing grade to nearly every commercial infrastructure category in its most recent Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. All those whole stories which have emerged recently about bridges collapsing, roads failing, and dams and levees starting to crumble aren’t mere flukes apparently . To the contrary, most of the nation’s bridges, dams, drinking water treatment plants, power era services, roadways, levees, railways, parks, transit systems, and academic institutions are in very severe disrepair – – and unless tax dollars are diverted from filling the pockets of excess fat cats to actually maintaining the means through which we all live, the entire nation will actually crumble into dust.

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American’s well-getting and optimism climb to an all time high during September Please be advised that Gallup and Healthways, Inc. today released the Gallup-Healthways Once a month U.S. Well-Being Report for September 2009.7 %age factors in September to close the month at 49.5, a 21-month high. Overall, well-becoming in the U.S.7, 0.8 and 1.4 %age points, respectively.7 is a 3.