As at September 30, 2009 Amorfix had working capital of $5,925,271 compared to $4,458,065 as at March 31, 2009. As at September 30, 2009 the business had 48,131,163 common shares outstanding. Outlook The Company’s fiscal 2010 diagnostic priorities are to: – full the National Institute for Biological Criteria and Control procedure to validate the functionality of the EP-vCJD Blood Screening Assay using individual vCJD patient samples also to manufacture and supply diagnostic kits for evaluation and prevalence research; – generate assay functionality data for the vCJD assay in collaboration with bloodstream transfusion services in Europe and elsewhere; – form collaborations to further validate the benefits of the A4 amyloid assay also to pursue a service business providing this assay for testing preclinical samples; and – complete development of the screening test for liver cancers in collaboration with BioMosaics and Sunnybrook Research Institute.As a result, the researchers say, women older than 45 are working fewer hours beyond your home while males aged 25 to 65 are working even more. ‘Essentially, what we think is going on,’ Carson said, ‘is usually that grandma stays home to take care of the sick people while all the able-bodied men will work longer hours to compensate.’ The arsenic problem in Bangladesh dates to the 1970s, when shallow groundwater wells were installed throughout the country, tapping into naturally occurring arsenic in the ground unwittingly. The present study uses a novel method that, according to Carson and his coauthors, could possibly be applied to discovering the consequences of various other environmental pollutants in developing countries, sooner.