Diabetes, cancer, hypertension, later years all bring about vision impairment of several kinds. Prolonged illness or medication chemo therapy has a very harmful influence on the eyes especially. Laser machine developed to give fast treatment are very effective in curing such complications. The most crucial features or advantages of these modern remedies are: Prompt surgeries Fast treatment Precision Affordable Fast recovery Less follow-up treatment What more can patients ask for? It really is only recently that this treatment is effectively implemented in 2010 2010.Med. Ralph Haberl, Professor of Internal Cardiology and Medication at the University of Munich, and the patient's private cardiologist. ‘The individual was critically ill and acquired exhausted all the available treatment plans.’ Within the individual's earlier treatment Prof. Haberl implanted a computerized inner cardioverter defibrillator as a palliative treatment for ventricular tachycardia, an irregular life-threatening center rhythm that often outcomes after a coronary attack in which a massive amount scar tissue is established.