Mehmet Oz, who’s provided airtime to the problem of genetically altered organisms , promoted the flu vaccine on his plan through the H1N1 flu ‘scare.’ Your son or daughter’s vaccination status is personal information; don’t allow the pro-vax mafia intimidate or harass you And the list continues on mainly because the mainstream mass media nudges the general public ever nearer toward mandatory vaccinations. But a very important factor that’s becoming forgotten in every the manufactured chatter may be the reality that vaccination position is an exclusive affair.The whole family is well and content Today. In another drawing, done with ink markers and colored pencils, a rooster puffs out his chest. The patient-artist, recalling his childhood on a farm in Mexico, declared that he was going to be as persistent as a rooster in his fight cancer. A few months after his hospitalization, he was pronounced cancer-free. All proceeds will continue funding the scheduled program. Hope. Courage.

Australian researcher heralds a golden age in biomedical science A senior University of Sydney researcher has heralded a ‘golden age’ of contemporary biochemistry and molecular biology as a result of our complete sequencing of the human being genome.