Of those tested, 63 percent said they had not really taken an HIV test before, and 97 percent stated they might recommend home-based HIV examining to others. Regarding to Anabwani, the amount of kids examining positive for HIV has been declining due to increased efforts to prevent mother-to-child transmission. He added that significantly less than 5 percent of kids tested by the center have examined HIV-positive. Anabwani stated that adolescents remain the group’s biggest challenge because they want extra treatment and support. He added that the center provides services to 551 HIV-positive children ages 10 to 19 currently, but the number is likely to double within three years .However, because EGCG binds to the prospective enzyme less firmly than methotrexate, it will have decreased side effects on healthful cells. We are actually using EGCG as the starting point to design and develop effective fresh anti-cancer drugs that eliminate tumour cells but inflict much less damage on healthy cells. The framework of EGCG resembles methotrexate which kills cancers cells by binding to, and inactivating, the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase . The research team discovered that EGCG also binds strongly to DHFR and stops it functioning. DHFR is vital to DNA synthesis in both tumour and normal cells. However tumour cells develop and divide more quickly than normal cells, procedures requiring more DNA synthesis and higher degrees of DHFR activity therefore. A range of therapeutic brokers, called antifolates, exploit the difference in DHFR requirement of cancerous and regular cells to selectively kill cancer cells.