She is going to continue to be followed closely. To ease the results of early menopause, doctors could prescribe hormone alternative medicines. The ovary makes estrogen, progesterone and dozens of other hormones. We can surrender progesterone and estrogen to minimize some of the symptoms using patients, Agus said. Removing those hormones effects risk for heart disease, for bone disease, and hot flashes and other symptoms happen clearly. So it’s a major change. But preventing cancer obviously. Was paramount in her decision. Jolie wrote that she feels self-confident she’s done the proper thing.The decision will have sweeping ramifications for consumers, state officials, health and employers care providers, including hospitals and doctors’ . The overhaul of the country’s health care system requires that by 2014, all businesses with an increase of than 50 workers must provide health care benefits that are deemed affordable under the law . The Wall Road Journal: Not Just Insurance Is At Stake It isn’t just large companies, medical businesses and constitutional scholars who are invested in the court’s decision. Chain restaurants, tanning salons, breast-feeding advocacy organizations and others much afield of healthcare have a whole lot riding on whether the law stays set up . This article was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J.