As previously reported, the study by funding from the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research was supported. The data were described in the publication part of a successful application for a second round of funding from MJFF to the progress of a ZFP approach in a non-human primate model, which is the next stage of development for this ZFP Therapeutic for PD to support treat.

This is of particular importance when targeting potent natural growth factors such as GDNF, where sufficient but not super – physiological levels of the therapeutic protein is required to ensure the effectiveness can be achieved. The publication of this data is an important validation of the potential therapeutic applications of our ZFP technology, said Edward Lanphier, Sangamo President and CEO. We are developing a portfolio of ZFP TF gene regulation programs neurological indications neurological indications and our PD program is an important part of our preclinical pipeline. ZFP TF-driven gene activation is the underlying mechanism of action of our lead ZFP Therapeutic , glial cell line-ase 2b study was of of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and demonstrated both clinical efficacy and an excellent safety profile.‘Professor Frazer be is not only a dedicated, world-leading scholars, he being also an excellent a member of the University and further Australian joint, ‘Professor Greenfield said.

He said the Australian award and the nomination to the Australian of the Year had both great honor and responsibilities. ‘It gives me a great opportunity to self test biomedical research particular, and it is also gives me the opportunity to talk with people how their own, through their own work for the community, ‘he said.