AVONEX number one number one prescribed treatment for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis and is the only once a week MS therapy proven proven after the first attack. AVONEX is also proven to delay the progression of disability and the number of relapses. Nearly nine out of 10 patients remained fully functional after five years. Been proven effective in clinical trials for up to three years.

Patients should be observed for signs of hepatic injury. Routine periodic blood chemistry and hematology tests are recommended during treatment with AVONEX. Rare cases of anaphylaxis have been reported.. The most common side effects AVONEX AVONEX multiple sclerosis treatment are flu-like symptoms, including myalgia, fatigue, headache, chills, nausea, vomiting, pain and asthenia. Hepatic injury. Used with caution in patients with depression or other mood disorders and in patients with seizure disorders. AVONEX should not be used by pregnant women. Patients with cardiac disease should be closely monitored.Taber, by hotels in Columbus, Georgia, was sick as he was 22, and finally was suffering by the entire kidney failure. He began to was suffering sickness and occasionally night sweat. In the first tests did back a positive of some signs of on monocucleosis , however, showed subsequent tests that their renal Been failure. Taber mother says she has been some groceries some groceries if the hospital phoned and explained that of new tests had showed that your son been in total renal failure and that it become admitted to the hospital straight away.

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