Bohai to obtain rights to 14 authorized Traditional Chinese Medications for $7,200,000 Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group, Inc. , a China-based pharmaceutical firm engaged in the creation, distribution and production of Traditional Chinese Medication , has entered right into a binding contract with Shandong Daxin Microbiology Pharmaceutical Sector Co., Ltd silagra wiki . To obtain the rights to 14 approved TCM medicines which were previously released to Daxin by the Shandong Branch of the Condition Food and Medication Administration of China . Hongwei Qu, Chairman, CEO and President of Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group. ‘The ongoing national medical health insurance reform claims to drive tremendous development in the Chinese marketplaces, particularly regarding TCM and in rural areas, where over 900 million people reside.’ Bohai’s 14 newly obtained medicines are as well as the 29 traditional Chinese medicine items that the business is authorized to create, which 15 are in creation currently.