Can be disastrous if a vulnerable plaque in the coronary artery ruptures, the outcome for the patient is malegra safe click here . Ruptured plaques can block the blood flow to the heart muscle, and cardiologists estimate they cause two thirds to three quarters of all fatal heart attacks. Standard imaging technologies are not able identify the microscopic properties the microscopic properties vulnerable plaques.

Plaques,n Of registry for coronary optical coherence tomographyMassachusetts General Hospital , along with a coalition of 20 international locations in five countries, creates the world’s largest registry of patients using optical coherence tomography had coronary artery. October is an intravascular imaging technology, the researchers hope to give doctors a better way to identify the cause dangerous plaques, heart attacks and sudden cardiac death.

$ 66 200 thousand six hundred and sixty-five new chemotherapy medication, the study be evaluated by.

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Addition authors of the study John Howard Been Kauh, assistant professor of hematology and internal oncology, Emory School of Medicine, and Joseph Lipscomb Professor of healthcare policy and management.