Can we be bribed into building smarter health choices? It looks like a no-brainer: have a little pill once a day, avoid a life-threatening illness. But getting sufferers to take their medications for heart disease and various other life-threatening conditions can be a challenge. Asking them to change entrenched bad health behaviors, like quitting smoking, can present an bigger challenge even. New studies, though, suggest money – – not the promise of good health alone – – can do the trick when it comes to encouraging better wellness behaviors. The authors of brand-new analysis released in the journal Addiction report that financial incentives helped pregnant women give up smoking and were cost-effective. The randomized managed trial included more than 600 pregnant smokers.This causes a rise in blood sugar levels, which will make someone sick if not treated. Can Type 1 Diabetes Be Prevented? Type 1 diabetes can’t be prevented. Doctors can’t even tell who’ll get it and who won’t. No one has learned for sure what causes type 1 diabetes, but scientists think it has something regarding genes. But just obtaining the genes for diabetes isn’t usually enough. In most cases, a young child needs to be exposed to another thing — just like a virus — to get type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes isn’t contagious, so kids and teens can’t capture it from another person or move it along to close friends or family members. And eating an excessive amount of glucose doesn’t cause type 1 diabetes, either.