The most common injuries were soft tissue (256th while fractures and dislocations were the next (168th the age group with the most injuries were in the range of of 5-12 years, the vast majority of injuries were to the extremities, which 71 % of all injuries.

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Obese women who work for 3.5 hours a week a death rate 91 % higher than slim women who exercise for the same amount of time, according to the study, but this figure rises to 142 % for obese women who do minimum movement, and thus emphasizes the importance of regular exercise.

Lean women only only 3.5 hours per week or less and increase their risk of premature death from obesity and by 55 % compared to more active women. These findings by lead author Dr. Frank Hu, who said the point was: ‘. You can read Dr. Tomlijenovic full 45-page paper on vaccine corruption . Continue reading