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On 7 December 2011, the FDA warned that an investigation Pradaxa after injury and death injury and death reports as expected. Reuters originally reported in November that the drug maker to approximately 260 internal bleeding deaths registered users. Continue reading

The paper recently recently in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the calls of the lead author David H. Rosmarin, assistant in psychology at McLean, annual meeting of the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association on Friday, 5 in Washington, health psychological professionals to integrate spiritual beliefs of patients in their treatment, particularly for patients who are religious. – The implications of this work for the field of psychiatry is that we patients spirituality more seriously than we have to take, said Rosemary. Most practitioners are unprepared to conceive how spiritual beliefs can contribute to affective states and so many struggling with issues in the treatment in a spiritually sensitive manner, integrate, studies paper says..

also shows existing evidence that many areas of spirituality and religion are salient predictors of psychological function , it adds.But rosemary said that mental health providers rarely, if ever ask Patients about their spiritual beliefs. This is crazy, he said. We do not even ask. We are not trained. And it is important. Rosemary said the matter a health system problem, not a religious issue, and said that you know what people believe, mental health professionals can help you do a better job doing patient. Continue reading