Example, in Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer who do not respond to conventional medications not The group of Xavier Salvatella, ICREA researcher who led the Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Programme at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine , developed a method developed structural information about structural information about intrinsically safe disordered proteins. The study appears in this week’s Journal of the American Chemical Society, one of the most important journals in the field.. Example of the main goals in Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer studyWhen designing a drug to treat a disease, chemists often detailed plans of the proteins was impaired and act against the medication must. However, about one-third of the proteins of our bodies have not yet been ‘photographed ‘because they generally vary in form, in constant motion and have very little structure.

###Mehrdad Mazlumzadeh the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, was the first author of the paper. The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Dana Foundation, the Mayo Foundation and the National Institutes of Health General Clinical Research Center. Continue reading

Medicaid is a multi – billion dollar joint state and federal program that provides health insurance for the economically disadvantaged. The funds obtained from the Medicaid Fraud Division, returned to the Medicaid program. If PTE is conclusively determined with with ,, can have significant effects on hospital diagnostic services.

In 2008, the Attorney General multi-million dollar agreements reached with three generic manufacturer to settle a False Claims Act case pending in the United States District Court in Boston. Most recently, in December 2008 agreed to Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Ivax Corporation, to pay a combined $ 7,000 to settle allegations against them. Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane, also agrees $ 9000 2008. Paid in September 2008. Continue reading