Vasquez, Chairman, Table of Directors, National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on HealthElena Rios, MD, MSPH, President, National Hispanic Medical AssociationSamuel Arce, MD, Immediate Past President, Spanish American Medical Teeth Society of NYAlvaro E. ‘As a respected retirement plan company for hospitals and various other companies in the medical field, we believe the Association of Hispanic Health care Executives’ work to bring Hispanic health-care issues to the forefront of public discussion is important,’ stated Romano Richetta, senior vice president, Participant Services, TIAA-CREF.’ ‘AHHE’s objective is to foster programs and policies to improve the current presence of Hispanics in wellness administration professions.Nevertheless, camphor products without appropriate or complete labeling are available and generally used for medicinal broadly, aromatic and spiritual purposes and for pest control, in the Hispanic community especially. The Einstein researchers report on three situations of camphor-connected seizures in children observed in the emergency division of a single New York City hospital-Children’s Medical center at Montefiore in the Bronx – over a two-week period. In the initial case, a 15-month-old Hispanic boy accidently ingested camphor cubes that his parents were using to ward off evil spirits. In the second case, a 22-month-outdated Hispanic boy ate a camphor-containing item that was positioned around his apartment to control roaches. In the third case, a three-year-outdated Hispanic girl had been subjected to numerous camphor-containing products heavily, including crushed tablets spread around the house to control roaches and an ointment that her mother got rubbed on her behalf skin hourly for 10 hours before her seizures began.