Earlier this full season, GCG was named among the top 75 health care marketing firms by Medical Marketing & Press magazine. A study released by Cell Press February 18th in the journal Immunity reveals that the oral pathogen Fusobacterium nucleatum protects a number of tumor cells from getting killed by immune cells. The findings could open up brand-new avenues for the treating cancer in human individuals. ‘Certain bacterias have previously been proven to fight cancer, therefore the surprising finding of the paper is that bacterias such as for example Fusobacterium nucleatum can grant tumors an anti-immune protection mechanism,’ says co-senior research writer Ofer Mandelboim, PhD, of The Hebrew University Hadassah Medical College. ‘Blocking the conversation between these bacterias and immune cells might improve anti-tumor immunity both generally and in regards to to colon cancer specifically.’ Immune cells called organic killer cells defend your body against a number of health threats, including parasites and viruses.The same strategy has been used for diabetes and other serious maladies with an extremely high rate of success. But you can’t keep curing malignancy with nonchemical and non-invasive approaches and remain on the medical mafia’s turf for too much time. So although there’s a Gerson Institute workplace in the USA, the Gerson Healing Center is certainly in Tijuana, Mexico, where health independence openly exists. Operating the Gerson Institute and the Healing Center by shuttling between San Diego, CA, and Tijuana is definitely Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte, and her child Howard Straus, who both supervise a small, select staff.