Upon successful completion of the Phase 2 studies for this product, KV Pharmaceutical KV Pharmaceutical, continue its development and bring the drug to market. Other recent efforts is a product of urinary incontinence in Phase 2 clinical trials are to be treated, and products dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea and dysfunctional uterine bleeding in preclinical development.. Established in 1996, Femme Pharma ‘s Global Healthcare on the development of safe and effective drugs minimizing or eliminating the side effects of many drug therapies by designing treatments in a the female anatomy the female anatomy associated concentrated.

‘.. Substance abuse refers to the intense desire to take drugs at the exclusion of other activities, and dependence occurs when the body becomes physically dependent on an illicit substance. Both are widespread. Significant costs to society and individuals, according to background information in the article ‘Although extensive data on drug use in the U.S. Population have been on an ongoing basis for adults and adolescents, epidemiologic data on the prevalence, correlates, disability, treatment and comorbidity of drug use disorders in adults collected rare,’the authors write.Order to recognize the achievements in his book, this Israel Cancer Research Fund – based in North America – has just announced Dekel with its highest distinction, to Clinical Research Career Development Award, for his dedication to the support for of cancer research. In the amount of $ 135,000 a period of three years ago, it will allow him to continue his quest develop a stem cell therapy on diseased kidneys.