How can you support the

“Don’t Shake Jake”

Awareness Program…

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You may copy and paste the prevention message below   and share with anyone who cares for babies~

Why Do Babies Cry?

When a baby cries or fusses please try the following techniques~
Check to see if your child is wet, hungry, to hot or to cold, in pain or wants to be held.
Check for signs of illness, such as fever and if you feel your child is ill call someone for help.


How to soothe a crying baby.

If you have checked for the above reasons
and crying persists try the techniques listed below.
Try sitting in a rocking chair and cuddling with the child.
Put the child in a “belly pack” or sling and walk.
Talk, read or sing softly.
Try taking your child for a walk.
Listen to music.
Go for a stroller or car ride.


If none of these things work, it is “OK” to put the baby in a safe place and let cry for 5-10 minutes. Always remember to check your child periodically.

Most of all please remember

never pick up a baby in anger.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said

“Anger is one letter short of Danger.”

We also have products available for purchase/suggested donation  including:

Our prevention window clings speak for themselves~ they can be placed on your vehicle window on the side window or rear depending if you have defrost in your rear window,  we have had people also laminate them and past to magnet to put on their
motorcycle as a prevention tool.  This could also work if you wanted to use them as a magnet on your vehicle.  Please note the extra special work would be up to you! Our purchase/donation price is just for the window cling itself.

The suggested purchase/donation is
$3  per cling and $1 for shipping for 1-25 ordered