What do you consider? Could amyloid-beta be a bacterial-killer in the brain gone astray? Please leave a comment below. Image: Amyloid-beta transmembrane structure via Wikimedia Commons.. Long believed as just a waste product of the mind, the new study shows that the materials has protective benefits, too. “For a long time we thought that [amyloid]-beta was only metabolic garbage produced as a byproduct of various other processes within the mind,” said study author Rudolph Tanzi, a neurologist at the Massachusetts General Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease in Boston, in a news release.Based on a range of scores from 0 to 1 1, where 0 reflects equivalent to death and 1 full health, patients with chronic discomfort and neuropathic characteristics had the average EQ-5D score of 0.47 pitched against a SF-6D rating of 0.62. For all those with severe pain, the scores were 0.33 versus 0.58, respectively. They also remember that the difference in mean utility ratings between sufferers with moderate and serious pain was five times greater when estimated using EQ-5D than when estimated using SF-6D, which has implications when assessing the consequences of interventions in reducing discomfort.