– Ian Jarrold, Research Manager at the British Lung Foundation, said: We treatments for patients treatments for patients with asbestos-related diseases Although mesothelioma is a cancer that are the services that we are looking for extremely poor good quality of research. Improve improve the care pathway for the people with asbestos-related disease and to ensure that people do not suffer. .. Mesothelioma is a disease that is caused by asbestos. Yet there is no cure and it is from the grim forecast. Patients who are exposed to the material often do not develop symptoms until 15 to 50 years after exposure to the fibers. Support for people whoter treatment for people exposed to from the debilitating from the debilitating disease.

3 Respiratory diseases, the second biggest killer in the UK is after all non-respiratory cancers combined which only account for slightly more deaths .The European Medicines Agency has recommended the suspension of the marketing authorizations for all drugs for systemic use to aprotinin. Of aprotinin becomes the loss of blood and the need blood transfusions in patients who cardiopulmonary bypass as part of the coronary artery bypass graft surgery.