Missing sleep carries some hefty penalties. In addition to the usual symptoms such as fatigue and irritability, lack of sleep has to to problems with memory, depression, and cardiovascular – related problems. A recent study of nurses even linked lack of sleep to higher rates of cancer.

Plus, drowsiness can lead to dangerous situations in the labor market. Fatigued truck drivers and pilots, for example, risk falling asleep at the wheel.Along with his illicit drugs policies AFL initial reaction to an alcohol precursor to a comprehensive drug policies and series of practical strategies must be ensured AFL players that have non in danger.

To 2001, the National Drug Strategy Household Survey shows that 74 % of the adults, alcohol on a regular basis risky about 30 % of adolescents Beverages at least once a weekly. Through a third which people aged over age 14 are putting yourself at risk of damage that. Short term at at least one drinking occasion at the previous 12 months Around 10 per cent drinking to a level as the risky can to manage abuse of alcohol both players and spectators. We look forward to consulting more with AFL on this topic. – We are delighted be implemented to other useful strategy AFL in the future.