‘Pharmacists are professionals in medicines and their use, and already make a substantial contribution to improving health insurance and preventing illness. The RPSGB works to ensure pharmacists can make their full contribution to the task of the NHS at both nationwide and local level.’.. Chlamydia screening in traditional pharmacies over the Britain is underway now The first rung on the ladder in a drive to create chlamydia screening available in high street pharmacies across the country is now underway, Public Health Minister Melanie Johnson announced today.The research study on breastfed infants and brain developmentThe study was conducted at Dark brown University and published by lead author Sean C. L. Deoni. They performed quiet human brain imaging scans on 114 children from age 10 a few months to four years outdated. These were all breastfed for at least three months exclusively. The control group was fed only formula, or a combined mix of formula and breasts milk. Using noiseless magnetic imaging scans the scientists compared the white matter microstructures, called mcDESPOT steps of myelin water fraction.