Students items items on how often she was bullied at school in the last few months. She also answered questions, extra risk. Disability or chronic disease such as cerebral palsy, diabetes, arthritis or allergy. Twenty % of students in Ireland and 16.6 % in France reported that one of these conditions. The study showed that students a disability or a disability or chronic illness, no matter where they lived from their peers rather than those who For example, bullied. For example, in France, 41 % of the boys reported having a disability or chronic illness, as compared with 32 % of boys, without being bullied. Gender was not a factor in being bullied both boys and girls have been victims.

Mark Schuster, professor of pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School found that bullying of children with disabilities is a particular problem in the United States as well.’Unfortunately, children who are in any way, because of their health, their race, their orientation, or anything else, she said most of the children in a school find themselves a target of bullying, ‘Schuster.This report is a feisty reminder of the impact of alcohol our society and particularly the health and the social impact on young people and families. ‘The report highlights not only topics that we are currently confronted with regard to teenage using substances, especially alcoholic, but also emphasizes the role of parents and other adults in the village to play as role models across instructors Young. Men take note his parents model and families need a support and advice order ‘this growing problem, mental problems, Lynne Magor – Blatch, National Convener of the GSP Interest Group ‘Psychology and Substance Use.”We recognize that almost all young people drugs, especially alcoholic , as well as nicotine and the whole range illegal drugs illegal drugs Many to be experimenting narcotics how young people to encounter the borders of, and peek in reaction to peer pressure.

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