Changda International Holdings receives first business order for Thiophene from Sanofi Aventis Changda International Holdings , the Weifang based specialty chemicals producer has received an initial commercial order for it item Thiophene from Sanofi Aventis , the French pharmaceutical multinational. The purchase was preceded by a rigid due diligence process undertaken by Sanofi on Changda International and its own products.Survivors continue steadily to travel later on revisiting some of the experiences that they had perhaps weeks, years even, later. It’s important for all of us as family and friends to understand that also to be supportive of individuals who’ve undergone very traumatic experiences involving their health. Long after a cure is achieved, there could be issues, including depression and stress, that may linger and that still require medical attention. Regardless of the vast assets applied in search of a biologic treatment – – the elimination of cancers – – much less attention has been specialized in survivorship issues, including ways to help people resume their lives after effective cancer treatment, stated Stephanie Lee, M.D., an assistant professor of medication at the Dana-Farber/Harvard Tumor Institute in Boston.