announced today that they have entered into a definitive contract for CVS Wellness to obtain Omnicare, the leading provider of pharmacy solutions to long term treatment facilities, for $98.00 per share in cash, for a complete enterprise value of approximately $12.7 billion, which includes approximately $2.3 billion with debt. In total, Omnicare has approximately 13,000 employees at 160 locations in 47 says over the U.S. With the acquisition of Omnicare, CVS Wellness will considerably expand its ability to dispense prescriptions in assisted living and long term care facilities, serving the senior individual population. CVS Health will also expand its presence in the rapidly growing specialty pharmacy business. Omnicare's complementary specialty pharmacy platform and clinical expertise can augment CVS Health's features and enable CVS Health to continue to supply innovative and cost-effective solutions to payors and patients.An evergrowing body of proof suggests the part of irritation in producing the symptoms of a significant depressive show such as for example low mood, lack of hunger, and inability to rest. But that which was previously unclear was whether swelling played a job in clinical melancholy independent of any additional physical disease. This discovery has essential implications for developing brand-new treatments for a substantial group who suffer from unhappiness, says Dr. Meyer, who also retains a Canada Research Seat in the neurochemistry of main depression.