The only thing dirtier than pasteurized milk, as it seems, the CDC itself, which has reduced from a once respected group of scientists actually bend a coterie of junk science and fear mongerers political prostitute falling trow Big Big Business at every opportunity. Instead of doing something important to stop the spread of infectious diseases , the CDC is now a total sellout to the interests of the corporate giants that feed us shit and call it dinner.

Pasteurized, homogenized milk also promotes heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disease, constipation, nasal congestion, sinus and many other chronic diseases. It is the perfect food for the uninformed masses, which the U.S. Government seems to be trying to maintain a state of lifelong disease and medical enslavement.Cookbooks is an former winner the renowned Medical Device Manufacturer of the Year AwardsJob from Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Magazines.. About Cook MedicalCook Medical been one of said first enterprises to assist popularize interventional medicine, pioneer work many of the devices now commonly used worldwide to perform minimally invasive medical procedures. Today the company is in style, biopharma, gene therapy or cell treatment and biotech patient safety patient safety and and improve clinical outcomes in the fields of interventional cardiology, critical care, gastroenterology, pediatric radiology teaching file, peripheral vascular, bone access and oncology, surgery and soft tissues; Urologist and assisted reproductive technology, gynecology and high – risks obstetric.

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