The VIRxSYS results were presented at CROI presented on Thursday, February 2010 in San Francisco also Phase II results for VRX496 The Company was investigational RNA therapy for the treatment of HIV / AIDS, also from the University of. Pennsylvania School of Medicine on Thursday, February 2010 in San Francisco is presented.

Wanted results of the study demonstrate the VIRxSYS vaccine candidate achieves remarkably high levels of T -cell responses, resulting in a 95 percent reduction in viral load in rhesus monkeys received lentiviral vaccination, as compared to non-vaccinated control animals in this study. The researchers also observed a strong and lasting immune response without the need for a DNA prime and a great conservation of CD4+ T cell compartment by the %age of CD4+ T cells to total lymphocyte measured.‘Australia needs to define a national body and to determine clinical education clinical training and internships capacity, and of this bodies has power a total student of medicine numbers restricted in order to to ensure that a continuous stream of a steady stream of new physician get through and no shortages, ‘he said.