American Physical Culture phases out Free-to-Read program in lieu of Creative Commons licensing By 15 February 2011, authors in most Physical Review journals have a fresh alternative: to pay an article-processing charge whereby their accepted manuscripts will be available barrier-free and open access on publication. These manuscripts will be published under the conditions of the Innovative Commons Attribution 3 dosage .0 License ( the most permissive of the CC licenses, granting others and authors the right to copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt the work, provided that proper credit is given.

October During, when gift card customers specify Komen as the beneficiary, American will donate $5 to Susan G. The American Airlines Present Card is the ultimate present for those who want to travel, stated Roger Frizzell, American’s Vice President – Corporate Communications and Advertising. Right now, it’s possible to give the gift of travel while assisting Komen for the Treatment in its objective to end breast cancer forever. That is just one of the ways we are honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness month at American and we are proud to offer this opportunity for our customers to participate. Unlike many present cards, there is no expiration time. We are extremely grateful that American and its customers are once more stepping up to improve funds and join us in our fight to get rid of breast cancer permanently, said Hala Moddelmog, president and leader office for Susan G.