Drug.or biochips could in Cancer Diagnosis and TreatmentIt is very difficult to predict whether a cancer drug will help an individual patient: only around one third of drugs directly in a particular patient. Researchers at the Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Medical Electronics at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen have developed a new test process for cancer drugs. With the help of micro – chips, they can in the laboratory to establish whether a patient’s tumor cells certain certain drug. This chip could help in future with the rapid identification of the most effective drugs for individual patients.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the Western world. According to the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, approximately 450,000 people develop cancer each year in Germany. Although the doctors who treat cancer have numerous cancer drugs available today , the treatment must be exactly on the patient and the type of cancer in question to be adapted as effective as possible. If it takes a second or third attempt to find a drug works, the patient loses valuable time in which the tumor can grow.‘This research is long past,’said Kelly. ‘Millions of young and professional athletes in sports that laid them to the risk of concussions participate, not just Soccer , but also hockey, football, baseball and basketball we have to know more about how these so-called. ‘head trauma head injuries ‘influence their lives in the subsequent years, especially if multiple concussion of the brain pituitary gland pituitary hormones failure and poor quality of life. ‘.

Only in boxing made, a couple of small studies demonstrate that failure of failed with a higher risk for the development pituitary. Contrary, there is known to one severe head injury can cause pituitary losses and hormonal changes to up to a third. The individual.. In a cohort of pensioner nation Football League player, who suffered suffered to relation between the number of concussions at NFL players careers, and their subsequent hypophysis hormone function of and of quality of life post retirement.